It all started when...

The first "100" meeting happened in 2006 in Jackson, Michigan. Karen Dunigan sought to raise $10,000 to provide portable cribs, mattresses and bedding for new mothers. Thinking about how to meet this need, Karen knew that she could call on ten people, asking each to give $1,000, but she also figured that she could call upon 100 women who would each be willing to give $100. She scheduled a meeting and started making phone calls. At the first meeting, Karen's group of friends heard the story about the need for the cribs and each wrote checks, resulting in a $12,800 donation, more than she had hoped.

Thereafter, Karen founded the first 100 Women Who Care group, scheduling quarterly meetings. She had simple rules: any member could present an immediate need in the community and the money had to stay local. The premise: a worthy cause benefits many in the community.

What Karen started back in 2006 continues through the approximately 400 like-minded chapters around the world.

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